“Company Three” 

In the on-going saga of uncovering former City Commissioner Scott Maddox’s alleged corruption one city vendor remains above scrutiny, but it’s not clear why.

WastePro, a residential solid waste disposal company handles the City’s waste. But Scott Maddox was a registered WastePro lobbyist for several years. And when he went back into City Hall, he “passed” the client off to Paige Carter Smith, who was then operating the Governance Inc.

WastePro continues to be the waste services hauler for the City of Tallahassee, but yet has admitted to federal investigators that WastePro knowingly bribed City officials for years.

Below is a timeline of events that uncover this Sopranos saga of corruption and influence peddling.

2006 March 20th- Governance entered into a contract with WastePro for $4,000/per month.

2006, September 8th- The City of Tallahassee entered into a seven year contract with WastePro.

2011, OctoberGovernance registers to lobby for WastePro on the county level.

2012, September- The City Commission voted to extend WastePro’s contract for five years (so the contract would be up for renewal and would require City Commission vote in September 2018.)

2012, November- Scott Maddox re-elected to the City Commission. At no point did Maddox disclose to the City Attorney or the City Commission that he managed the operations of Governance and Gov. Services. He at times referred to WastePro as a “former” client. He continued to receive payments from WastePro.

2012– Scott Maddox meets with County officials encouraging them not to put out a hard bid for the renewal of the Waste Services contract.

2013, DecemberMaddox proposed a new contract between Gov. Services and WastePro, which was entered into on January 2014, this increased their pay from $4,000 to $4,500 per month.

2014- Paige still registered under Leon County lobbyist registrations for WastePro.

2014, July- Tallahassee fined WastePro $64,000 for failing to deliver trash receptacles for residents. WastePro made several unsuccessful attempts to appeal directly to City employees to reduce the fine. Maddox spoke with then City Manager Anita Favors-Thompson and reduced the fine to $7,000.

2018, July- Ralph Mills, public head of WastePro arrives to testify in front of a grand jury about his relationship with Maddox.

2018, July- The same day, the City renews WastePro’s contract for a six year term.

The entire indictment can be read here: https://cloudup.com/ijJ0roXGijK


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